Märklin Sprint Racing Club

          MSRC - Världens största Märklin Sprint klubb



MSRC - The only, and therefor also the largest, Märklin Sprint club in the world!

Sorry for not having this site in English. It's all done on a hobby basis so it will take some time until the work is complete.

Priority is set on the swedish version, simply because most members are from Scandinavia. Meanwhile You will have to be patient and

use the site just to view some pictures and film clips. You can allways get in contact with us by clicking the Jaguar below.

We will help You with information regarding Spareparts,  Service, Repair, Sell/Buy/Trade, Swapmeets and so on.



If nothing happens when you click the Jaguar, our direct email adress is : sprint "at" telia.com


If You click on MEDIA on the top, and then press the red button BILTOKIG (Crazy for cars) you will start the documentary from

Swapmeet 2014 that was broadcasted on Swedish television in august 2014. It's all in swedish så You'll have to use Your imagination :)


The important thing to know is that Märklin Sprint Racing Club is "live and kicking" and full of activities!

If You would like to join us, You are welcome to sign up as a member of MSRC - Märklin Sprint Racing Club.

Just send us an e-mail and we will tell You all the details regarding how to join.


Some of the benefits as a member :

   * Information via email

   * 5% discount at Swedish Slot Shop

   * Take part of our experiance and knowledge

   * Service and repair, only 40 SEK per car. 

   * The possibility to get spareparts

   * Advertising on the website (sell/buy/trade)

   * Invitation to the yearly MSRC Swapmeet

   * Get help to estimate the value of your items

   * Get advise what to buy and what to pay for it.