Test Station

 A tip from Bert, member no. 175 :
 To be able to determine the condition of his motors, Bert has built his own Test Station.
 Used equipment :
 A wheel from a golf cart 
 A voltmeter from a local supplier (probably not needed, authors comment)
 A Bicycle computer
 A Märklin transformator
 A standard Sprint "throttle"
 Some cables


 A "not-so-good" 24000 (V1) motor from a white Porsche Carrera 6 (1302) could achieve
 7 km/h, and the fastest car in Bert's "garage" is a orange BMW 2002 Turbo (1322) with
 24,1 km/h! 
 This is an unique testing method, but it works.

 You might think that a motor with high rpm's would be a killer on the track, but that's not
 always the truth.The motor that does not make much noise, is often the motor that will
 actually have the best acceleration and the best top speed.
 The motor with high rpm, many times has lower torque. A motor with a more modest
 rpm is many times a "high torque" motor, with better acceleration and better top speed.

 Remember; It will not help you if the motor is very fast but the rest of the setup in your
 car is poor. 



          A short video clip (file type mp4)                A short video clip (file type wmv)